Located in South Florida, Ralons America was established in 2014 in Miami and is a leading provider of both janitorial and security services. We are able to provide forward thinking and innovative solutions to create a “One stop solution…for all of your needs.”

We have expanded significantly to provides services across three main sectors:

Armed and unarmed

security services

Cleaning and integrated

facility services

Training and professional development offered via online or through our licensed instructors

A partnership with Ralons America is a commitment to fresh and insightful changes to the industry. We encourage all our partners to join us in this pursuit of a sustainable future.

Our Staff

We employ a strong, well-trained staff to meet the unique needs of each client throughout South Florida.

With over 20 years of combined experience in Security, Cleaning and Integrated Facility Services, we have built a company with a structure that focuses on high-end quality management, professional development and a delivery of premium services.

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10900 NW 25th Street Suite 100. Doral, FL 33172